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  • Grace-
    We heard you at Beavercreek Community Church in Oregon (we meet in a grange hall) a few weeks ago. We bought your family’s 2 CDs. I listen to the one with The Only One every day as I head in to work, sometimes multiple times!
    You and your family are a big blessing in my family’s life – how you all have packed up and hit the road in faith, the sweetness of all of your songs, the number of children in your family, your humility and dedication.
    May God mightily bless you all! Please pass this email of mine along to your parents.
    Brad Riegg

    • My family and I really appreciate your message. Thank you for your encouraging words. We so enjoyed being at your church when we were in Oregon.

  • Grace,

    We just received the CDs we ordered in the mail! Such a blessing! Thanks so much for your ministry and pointing us to Christ with fantastic music!!

    Dan & Wendy Smith & Family

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