Grace Spencer is a contemporary Christian indie artist with an organic, contemporary folk sound. She has a passion for creating and performing fun, moving and enjoyable music that brings glory to God.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Grace has been singing and playing piano since she was 3. Music was a big part of her life growing up, her father, Jim Spencer, a long time songwriter and producer, has had a key influence on her decision to write and record. When Grace was 7 he took her to many of the recording sessions for one of His albums, which sparked a deeper interest in music. It wasn’t until she was 15, though, that she began writing music and decide she wanted to record.

In May of 2015 she released her first EP, titled, “The Only One”, containing 4 songs that she and her dad wrote. A couple of months after that, Grace began living full time on the road with her family and their family band, “Spencer Family Music”, and also performing some of her songs in their concerts.

Grace started writing for a full album in mid 2016. And also simultaneously began redirecting the sound of her music from the pop feel of her EP, to a more acoustic, simple style, that she felt better suited her voice and musical taste.

In Oct. 2016 she launched a Go Fund Me campaign to fund the making of the album, and then spent the beginning of Nov. in the studio recording. “Where I Belong” released in Dec. 2016, containing the 4 songs from the EP and 6 new songs.

Grace also branched out into some new topics for the writing of the full record. The 6 new songs are a mixture of outpourings from personal experiences, such as Where I Belong, Closer To You and Rest, and wrote about thoughts that she just wanted to touch on through song, like Take Heart and Lay it down.

Her hope is that every song on the album will encourage you in your walk with the Lord and be an enjoyment to listen to!

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